Текст песни группы 2 Live Crew -"Bill So Ho"

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2 HDB Straight Edge Partie
2 Live Crew:
2 unlimited
3 Doors Down
4 non blondes
4 Strings
10,000 Maniacs
Ace of base
Bob Dylan
Depeche Mode
Eric Clapton
Fatboy Slim
Julio Iglesias
Los Lobos
Marilyn Manson
Pink Floyd
Robert Johnson
Rolling Stones
Ry Cooder
The Beatles
The Cardigans
The Doors
The Rasmus
Whitney Houston
Zappa Frank
ZZ Top

Все песни группы 2 Live Crew

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Текст песни группы 2 Live Crew -"Bill So Ho"

[ ] = sampled words 

[What"ll we get for ten dollars?] 
[Every t"ing you want.] 
[Every t"ing] 

BILL: Monica? 
MONICA: Yes, Bill? 
B: Monica, what would you do for a job here at the White House? 
M: I"d do anything, Bill. 
B: Really? 
M: Mm-hm. 
B: Well, do you swallow? 
M: I sure do, Bill. 
B: You do? 
M: Mm-hm. 
B: Well, what would you do with this cigar? 
M: Well why don"t you let me show you, Billy. 

[Ooh! Don"t do that, baby! Ahh!] 
[Hold on this! Oh, sock it to me! Aaah!] 
Chorus (repeated during breakdowns) 
[Ahh! Me so horny!] 
[Me love you long time!] 

Verse 1: Brother Marquis 
Sittin" in my office with my dick on hard 
Fuckin" all the interns "cause I"m the boss 
Picked up the telephone to call one of my bitches 
Said, "What"s up, Monica baby? Can you come and kiss it?" 
She arrived at the White House, knocked on the door, 
Threw her draws on the floor and said "Fuck me!" like a whore 
"I"m a freak in heat, a dog without warning! 
Your dick is much bigger than Vernon Jordan"s." 

BILL (during chorus): Now Monica ... Monica, c"mon, let"s go into the 
Oval Office, girl. I just wanna break you off a lil" somethin" ... Come 

on now, let"s go ... well, you know we can go half on it, baby ... 

Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice 
Gore always asks him why he sexes so much 
It"s the perks of being Prez; you always get a nut 
Since you"re married to Tipper, you shouldn"t be sad 
Don"t tell Hilary so she won"t get mad 
"Cause you know she"ll be disgusted if he ever gets busted 
And Newt will be mad "cause he didn"t get the ass 
He"s a Prez in heat, a freak without warning 
He loves oral sex, "cause Bill so horny! 

BILL (during chorus): Oh, Monica, I want you to come over here 
and break me off in the Oval Office, now ... di-did you bring your 
Presidential knee-pads? I"m ready to get my freak on, girl, I don"t 
know about you ... I"m not a player no more, girl ... naw, I just 
crush a lot ... 

Verse 3: Brother Marquis 
You can say I"m a pervert or a desperate motherfucker 
I"ll hook you up with Paula and let you do each other 
I"ll play with your mind just like it"s a game 
I"ll call my homie Vernon so we can run a "train" 
And fuck Linda Tripp, "cause I hate that bitch 
I even got her on tape sucking on my dick 
I"m a freak in heat, a dog without warning 
Hilary"s my wife, but Monica baby, you"re my woman 

BILL (during chorus): Oh Monica ... oh, I can"t believe it"s so 
good, girl ... I"m gonna have to take you to the next Democratic 
Convention ... so you can hook up all the fellas ... this"ll be good 
for some vogues ... I can"t believe this ... ohhh God ... 

(Mixx cuts and scratches "Hey, what"s the matter, baby?") 

BILL (during chorus): Oh Monica, that"s ... oh, that feels so goood! 
Ohh! Oh yes, ohhh! Oh! Ohh! Ohhhh!!! Oh yeah ... ohhh ... oh 
yes! Oh ... 

Verse 4: Fresh Kid Ice 
It"s true you weren"t employed until you met Bill 
He made you an intern, and you ratted still 
You tell your parents that he turned you out 
In the Oval Office of the White House 
You said it yourself, you like it like he do 
You put your lips on his cigar, and kissed it too 
He"s a freak in heat; Janet Reno didn"t warn "em 
He loves oral sex, "cause Bill so horny! 


Outro (repeated till end of track): 
[Fuckie suckie] 
[Me fuckie suckie] 

BILL (during chorus and outro): Monica, I can"t believe you did this 
to me! I gave you a job, woman! Dammit, why did you do this to me? 
Now what"s America gonna think? I mean, it could"ve just been me, 
you, and my wife Hilary! No one had to know! You didn"t have to go 
tell everybody, now! Ken Starr"s on my case and ... bringin" up all 
that Linda Tripp and Paula Jones and ... Jennifer Flowers stuff! My 
wife won"t even talk to me! Hilary! Hilary! Hilary -- Chelsea, tell 
your mom I"m talking to her! Hilary, talk to me, dammit! Cone on, 
say somethin"! I"ll blow somethin" up if you don"t talk to me, 
woman! I can"t believe this! ... My career"s in shambles ... but I 
still love America! 

[Me so horny]

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