Текст песни группы 2 Live Crew -"This Is To"

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2 HDB Straight Edge Partie
2 Live Crew:
2 unlimited
3 Doors Down
4 non blondes
4 Strings
10,000 Maniacs
Ace of base
Bob Dylan
Depeche Mode
Eric Clapton
Fatboy Slim
Julio Iglesias
Los Lobos
Marilyn Manson
Pink Floyd
Robert Johnson
Rolling Stones
Ry Cooder
The Beatles
The Cardigans
The Doors
The Rasmus
Whitney Houston
Zappa Frank
ZZ Top

Все песни группы 2 Live Crew

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Текст песни группы 2 Live Crew -"This Is To"

[Like this! Hit it!] 
[So why has it gotta be so damn HOT?] 

Verse 1: Professor Griff 
I"m the X-Minista, from the troop called P.E. 
Professor Griff in the flesh, sincerely 
Kickin" it off on a ghetto track 
Bringin" to you some actual facts 
From the bottom, known as Miami 
With the help from a posse called the L.A.D. 
Educate is what we do 
With permission from the 2 Live Crew 
"Cause the Crew is 2 Live for you people 
Who run around, changin" laws, just to say we"re equal 
File a complaint, turn in your risume 
"Cause the A.G.S. don"t play 
I"m the Griff, and I speak profound 
I"m down with Luke and the Ghetto Bass sound! 

Verse 2: Lejuan Love 
Yo, check out the Mr. Mixx beat that I flow off 
While I go off to boast, brag, and show off 
And watch your (??) as I get hyper 
I cause them all to slip in they pants; they need a diaper 
Whoever stereotyped me for each of those nerds, 
I"ma get "em a fork so they can eat those words 
It was said we can"t freestyle in M-I-A-M-I 
We only had the weak rappers, but tell me, am I? 
Lejuan"s the type to take your whole gang out 
You musta got curfew, because they can"t hang out 
I"m gettin" paid "cause I"m good; it"s no mystery 
You see, I"m rollin" with the man that"s makin" history 
Lejuan Love is one of the best around 
I"m down with Luke and the Ghetto Bass sound! 

Verse 3: JT Money 
In this type of M-U-S-I-C 
I know I"m braggin", but I"m the best I see 
I seen professionals, but I"m the better master 
Who you gonna blast up on your ghetto blaster? 
When I start to flow you"re guaranteed to hear the raw stuff 
They say I"m dope, nice, super good, or rough 
If you don"t know the game, then I gotta show the lame 
That I"m the best out, nobody can flow the same 
Am I a threat? Nobody can say no 
I"m like a volcano, and I"m sure that they know 
When I come off, it"s guaranteed legit 
Can you come like this? Naw, that"s bullshit 
JT Money is the best around 
I"m down with Luke and the Ghetto Bass sound! 

Verse 4: Debonaire 
I got pull like gravity but some got no juice 
Deb in the flesh, well I"m fresh like produce 
Suckas never bite my stuff when they competin" 
It"s just too raw for them to think about eatin" 
If y"all ain"t heard the word, my rap lingers 
The drop sounds like it"s hot and burnin" my fingers 
This rapper"s tryin" to front on a real smooth flower 
They ass is grass, and I"m the lawn mower 
Of course I put "em out like trash "cause I"m a lyncher 
Attackin" punk rappers like a Doberman Pincher 
They all be like vampires to me, so they oughta 
Walk or get burnt, "cause I"m the Holy Water 
You say you wanna battle, but that"d be your doom 
"Cause I"ll have you on your ass like Fruit of the Loom 
The name"s Debonaire and I"m one of the best around 
I"m down with Luke and the Ghetto Bass sound! 

Verse 5: Brother Marquis 
Though I"m from the bottom, I"m placed by the rest out 
Brother Marquis is one of the best out 
There"s no comparin" me, I"m far from bein" so-so 
I top the suckas droppin" fast and flowin" slow 
Puttin" suckas out like I was Nyquil 
I rock on the mike like no other on the mike 
We"re your worst nightmare, if not scarier 
Their loss in the (??) new to the area 
The man you can"t handle, "cause I"m just too rough 
They say that I"m good; they should "cause it"s true stuff 
So ain"t nobody sayin" that I"m not legit 
They need to wipe they mouth, "cause they just talkin" shit 
When it comes to droppin" science, I"m the man you can"t knock out 
The heavyweight champ that"ll take your whole block out 
Marquis, one of the best around 
Yeah, down with Luke and that Ghetto Bass sound!

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