Текст песни группы 2 Live Crew -"Bulldagger"

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2 HDB Straight Edge Partie
2 Live Crew:
2 unlimited
3 Doors Down
4 non blondes
4 Strings
10,000 Maniacs
Ace of base
Bob Dylan
Depeche Mode
Eric Clapton
Fatboy Slim
Julio Iglesias
Los Lobos
Marilyn Manson
Pink Floyd
Robert Johnson
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The Beatles
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Все песни группы 2 Live Crew

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Текст песни группы 2 Live Crew -"Bulldagger"

*Brother Marquis does all the verses 

{Shari Lewis} 
Come ... give us a little kiss ... let me make it better. 
These rotten ass bitches is gonna fuckin" wanna know! 

Verse 1 
I met this bitch at a hip-hop disco 
A club full of divas in San Francisco 
I asked her name, the bitch said Shirley 
I asked her for some pussy, she said "I like girlies." 
"What that mean, hoe, that I can"t have it?" 
She said, "Nigga, recognize I"m a female faggot!" 
You triflin"-ass bitches know that shit ain"t right 
Stinkin"-ass dyke, put some dick in your life 
"Cause we know where the nose goes in the nymphos 
Playin" with dildos and finger-fuckin" booty holes 
Belly to belly, skin to skin 
Fuckin" like hell, but ain"t no dick goin" in 
If they like pussy that much, then let me fuck it 
Stick it in, take it out, and let "em suck it 
But they game is strong and they tongue is long 
A bulldagger beat and got yo" bitch and gone! 

Chorus: Brother Marquis and Mr. Mixx 
A bulldagger done stole my bitch 
She"d rather suck pussy, she don"t want no dick! 
[A bulldagger done stole MY bitch! 
Bitch told me she don"t want no dick!] 
A bulldagger done stole my bitch 
She"d rather eat pussy than suck a nigga" dick! 
[A bulldagger done stole MY bitch! 
Fuck y"all hoes, y"all hoes ain"t shit!] 

Verse 2 
Bulldaggers come in all shapes, sizes and colors 
A bitch that eat pussy makes a good dick-sucker 
Never kiss a bulldagger hoe in the mouth 
It smells like shit from all the ass she got 
Freaky hoes got them tendencies 
Why go that way, bitch, when you can get these? 
Some girls"ll do it, some girls don"t 
A bulldaggin" hoe will do what your boyfriend won"t 
A bulldagger is the worst kind of player hater 
"Cause niggas still fuck "em, that"s why they can"t fade us 
Sayin" they strictly dickly, but that ain"t true 
A bulldagger got more bitches than me and you 
Now bulldaggers, you know they don"t play fair 
They get all the pussy, and they don"t share 
But they game is strong and they tongue is long 
A bulldagger beat and got yo" bitch and gone! 


Verse 3 
I hate bulldaggin" hoes with a passion 
You motherfuckin" right a nigga gave bashin" 
You bitches need to get that gay shit off your mind 
Suckin" "em up, that"s sick, I dick "em down at night 
Lickin" clits, suckin" titties, and playin" with kitties 
And sophisticated dykes"ll treat a nigga shitty 
I can"t understand how a bitch with class 
Would have another hoe"s name tattooed on her ass 
Spittin" at my hoes but they can"t be chose 
Because BITCH, my pussy"s bought and paid fo"! 
Now you motherfuckin" dykes ain"t got no shame 
French-kissin", holdin" hands like it ain"t no thing 
Your game is workin", but I got the last virgin 
You doin" the slurpin" while I"m doin" the servin" 
But they game is strong and they tongue is long 
A bulldagger beat and got yo" bitch and gone! 


Naw, mu"fucker. You tryin" to blow my game? My bitches 
said somethin" to you, my shit just won"t be the same, 
motherfucker, n" I can"t have that!! 

Yeah, Mr. Mixx and Brother Marquis representin", straight 
up on the down south tip! For the 9-5 shot! You know we 
talkin" "bout they raggedy ass, nigga, ain"t no motherfuckin" 
thang, "knamsayin"? Don"t nobody say "nything personal, 
come on, girl, y"know? Boys back up at that ass! One time 
for the bottom! You know how they do it.

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